Tupikor, Eidan, Richelieu, Nosfe Rhizome 01

Tupikor, Eidan, Richelieu, Nosfe Rhizome 01
This four-track collection of minimalist, deep house comes from the terrific Berlin label Lowless. The material is stripped down, with punishingly dense beats.
Nosfe begins the proceedings with "Old Mansion," a solid track with atmospheric synth lines and light bells for a bit of atmosphere. It's not the album's most creative effort, but it is very playable.
Next is Eidan's "Reef." At eight-and-a-half minutes, it runs two or more minutes longer than the others. This one has a nice low-key vibe, but the beat is thick; a male vocal sample points back to the old Chicago house days.
On "Random," by Richelieu, there's more going on under the beats, which gives it real depth. Old-school synth murmurs pair with what sounds like a crowd of voices. And when the beat picks up at the 2:20 mark, we're sold — this is the album's high-water mark.
Tupikor completes the set with "Transfer." Unconventional beats over an electric piano provide a surprising start. Things even out over the course of the track, but its untraditional house beat makes this a progressive addition to any crate.
There isn't a weak track among these; we get four unique takes on deep house, all of them worth a spin. (Lowless)