Tunnel of Love Tunnel of Love

For some minds the counterculture will always be more exciting than the culture — it’s the place where new ideas come from, and it always precedes art’s next important movements. Case in point is bands like Tunnel of Love, who want nothing more than to get to what they feel to be real by blasting away the bullshit with their balls-out brand of primitive riff-rock. Like a less serious, more garage rock version of the Hospitals, Tunnel of Love crank their amps and throw their pretensions to the wind in order to do what the dialogue bubble coming out the singer’s mouth on the album cover promises: "We are going to blow your pussies out!!!” Forget the fact that these three freak rockers from Massachusetts wear striped tights, capes and basketball shorts on stage. Listen to them rip through covers of "Hey Joe” and "Paint It, Black” alongside their own highly addictive tunes "Oh No (Yer Time is Gonna Cum)” and "Cry Cry Cry.” Chances are you’ll find yourself spinning this 16-minute EP on repeat for eras to come. (Ashmont)