Tujiko Noriko Tujiko Noriko

Gentle and abstract yet playful melodic music brought to you by the Mego label. The music features sounds and songs by Tujiko, a female electronic producer, which is a rarity in itself. This recording has the customary processed glitch noise one would expect from a Mego artist, yet on the cuter, Casio-toned level. The CD is slow and ballad-like, set to a gentle lullaby pace, and Tujiko has a sweet, high, child-like voice somewhat reminiscent of Yoko Ono, but much better. The music here is in a traditional pop tune structure, interspersed with sounds as if a symphony of toys were accompanying her ballads. The lyrics and even the liner notes are in Japanese, so I can't go in depth about her songwriting skills. The liner art is different from other releases on Mego label, featuring a collage of children's book images, photos and childish doodlings. (Mego)