Tristen Charlatans at the Garden Gate

From the opening strum, Tristen reels listeners in with her catchy folk-pop hooks and lyrical storytelling. Having moved from Chicago to Nashville, Tristen Gaspadarek evokes her Southern influences and seamlessly intertwines twangy country sensibilities with sweet pop melodies. Her voice shows versatility and strength as she effortlessly transitions from soft and soulful to assertive and energetic. Thematically, Charlatans at the Garden Gate tackles the all too familiar topic of love, but instead of the vulnerability that usually accompanies such lyrics, Tristen approaches it with level headedness and her guard up. In "Tadpole," she sings about the fickleness and ever-changing nature of attraction and initial love, while "Heart and Hope to Die" has Tristen declaring her reluctance to allow her emotions too much weight, promising not to "cry this time for your love." A definite album highlight is the haunting "Wicked Heart," where overlaid, harmonized vocals add a layer of auditory depth while simultaneously evoking a light, breezy atmosphere. Tristen's successful intermingling of musical genres, as well as her mature and relatable songwriting, makes Charlatans at the Garden Gate a delightfully fitting debut album from the young artist. (American Myth)