Triple Word Score The First In A Long Line Of Disasters

Although Triple Word Score have only been together for less than two years and owe their inception to a Ramones gig in Ontario, you’d never deduce that from listening to The First In A Long Line Of Disasters. Musically, Triple Word Score are enigmatic. From short three-chord punk bursts like "Too Far Gone " and "Cash Cow” to longer, more melodic rocking numbers like "What You Said” to ska-influenced numbers like "2 Ska 4 U” to emo-pop songs like "Grey Sky Horizon” to monk chanting, Triple Word Score are directionless musically. However, whatever Triple Word Score are in the mood to play when they enter the studio, they do perform it well. And vocalist Jamaal does possess a country yowl very similar to David Yow (Jesus Lizard), which makes things interesting at times. Lyrically, the band writes in a juvenile, social, humorous and personal manner. Whether they intentionally write songs in this fashion or not, it makes for a fun listen and you can’t help but smirk at their words. With songs such as "Vancouver is Nice,” "Unedjumacated” and "Sheeple,” and lyrics such as "Rollerfag on the edge of the seawall, another accident to blame on a cell ho, zebra wrangler in her zebra-cow hat, you’re only as punk as your mommy and daddy’s bank account,” Triple Word Score begin to resemble fellow retards of punk, Supernova. The First In A Long Line Of Disasters is certainly just that, and destined for those days when you feel like wearing a tutu and prancing through the sprinkler on your front lawn. (Long Beach, 203 Argonne, Ste. 103, Long Beach, CA 90803, (Long Beach)