Triple M Revolutions

Triple M is disappointing. After declaring himself a techno producer specialising in industrial and minimal dance, as well as touting his musicianship and scholarliness studying piano at Carleton, you’d expect him to appreciate the value of keeping things fresh. Instead we get monotonous, not-so-spooky vocal samples over 1996’s post-hullabaloo beddings. Great, kitschy hard techno tracks do exist but most of them were British, and barely before the Richard D. James Album. Using "Dreamland,” or any of its counterparts for that matter, in the same revolutionary vocabulary as even a track like "Three Day Illegal Rave Party From Hell” compared to Aphex Twin really makes as much sense as comparing Hoffman’s Rain Man character with Freud. There’s lots going on there but it’s got nothing to do with anything relevant. If Revolutions were Triple M’s thesis project, and Carleton accepted his grad application, then it reinforces an unfortunate stereotype for a school with a decent journalism program. (Independent)