Trip Dixon Flesh of Brass

This erratic album is comprised of feedback, static and tracks with beats that are present yet often subdued. "32-bit Girl" has solid beats backed with a heavy bass rumble, while "An Ounce For Good Idea" is the best track on this CD, wherein sampled conversations occur forwards and backwards atop rigid industrial strength beats. "An Ounce..." is both driving yet quite humorous to listen to, not to mention it is always refreshing to encounter noise/IDM music with a sense of humour. A surprise track on this recording is "Luck with Chaos and Underling," since it features a clip of Buddhist monks engaged in a chant that inspired several listens. Overall, the rest of the CD reminds me of the abstract directions undertaken by industrial bands like Skinny Puppy, where a variety of samples, noises and static pour through, as if quickly scanning through different channels on a radio dial, with beats thrown in now and then for good measure. Complex, adventurous, humorous and muscular, people that like industrial and noise would likely best appreciate Flesh of Brass. (Independent)