Triola Im Funftonraum

Joerg Burger is known for his work in Cologne’s minimal sounds scene as well as owning several labels such as Trance Atlantic, Eat Raw, Monochrome and Popular Tools. On this record, as Triola, he creates a soundscape that is at par with all his earlier work, producing a smooth, chilled-out, come down record for the day after with its simplistic but sharps beats and well-crafted pop-ambient sounds. Atmospheric and soft at times, Im Funftonraum is a mood setter and a scene stealer at the same time. Sly enough to remain in the background at times, while sharp enough to raise your spirits and cause you to nod your head to its strong rhythmic presence. Tracks like "Wanderlust” roll through with a simple but effective groove for the headphones. "Junge Maner von Gestern” is a simple, moody track that floats across many layers of melody while seeming complex and full at the same time. "Im Funftonraum” is a delicate piece of minimal electronica that floats and sparks with enchanting mystery. (Kompakt)