Trio Exklusiv International Standards

Apparently the Vienna music scene is very close-knit and a lot of the musicians in this big family like to play break beats and get down and dirty on some funk and disco grooves. The Trio create a blend of electro-funk with soulful disco through their intensive jam sessions and complex arrangements, making International Standards an ass-shaking groove from start to finish. Tracks like "Time to Feel” bring the level up to disco-house and create a hand-clapping, two-stepping party starter. "Hunting Dr. No” is a slick mod-super spy funk session that reminds you of early UNKLE work. Tracks like "Undo the Twist” and "Slo-Mo” showcase the Trio’s strength in high-production on spacey jazz grooves. The creation of funk, soul or disco music with the addition of electronics has always made for some very entertaining or shamefully disappointing music; in the case of International Sounds, Trio Exklusiv successfully pull off a healthy balance between instrument and computer to create a groovy collection of music for any party. (Klein)