Trevor Powers Announces the End of Youth Lagoon

Trevor Powers Announces the End of Youth Lagoon
It turns out Youth Lagoon's 2015 effort Savage Hills Ballroom will be the project's last, as founder Trevor Powers revealed today (February 1) that he's retiring the name. He will continue to make music, just not as Youth Lagoon.

Powers used the project's social media presence today to post a statement regarding the end of Youth Lagoon. His message noted that "there is nothing left to say through youth lagoon." He added that "it is a space i no longer inhabit, nor want to inhabit," calling the project "complete."

He added that while he's reached the "top of the mountain" as Youth Lagoon, the experience had also been confining. He'll wrap up his current batch of Youth Lagoon dates and move on to another phase of his musical career.

Details have yet to arrive, but Powers promises "this is far from the end of my undertakings."

You'll find the full statement down below.

Powers produced three full-length albums as Youth Lagoon: 2011's The Year of Hibernation, 2013's Wondrous Bughouse, and last fall's Savage Hills Ballroom. You'll find a video for the latter's "The Knower" down below.

Youth Lagoon's tour commitments bring the project through the UK and the rest of Europe this month, with a few U.S. shows set for March. At present, the last listed appearance of Youth Lagoon is set to take place on June 11 an London's Field Day music festival.

You'll find more info on the tour dates over here.