Trentemøller "Candy Tongue" (ft. Marie Fisker) (video) (NSFW)

Trentemøller 'Candy Tongue' (ft. Marie Fisker) (video) (NSFW)
Danish electronic master Anders Trentemøller is gearing up to release his latest guest-heavy album Lost on September 24 via In My Room. Now, he's shared a video for album track "Candy Tongue."

Seeing as how there are shots of a topless woman, as well as some blurry man bits, this Danish Thomas Jessen-directed video is technically not safe for work, though it's more high art than lowbrow as the black and white cinematography ebbs and flows with hypnotic after-effects and animated ink blots. It's a fascinating clip that pairs nicely with the noirish pop song assisted by Danish vocalist Marie Fisker.

In a statement, Trentemøller said, "I really like the way he uses a lot of time to visualize the atmosphere in the music. No fast edits and cuts but only these stirred bodies, old and young. It has a kind of hypnotic feel to it that I really like, and it makes space to actually listen to the music. I of course really appreciate that!"

Check out the enveloping video for "Candy Tongue" below.

Trentemøller: Candy Tongue (Official Video) from Anders Trentemoller on Vimeo.