Tree Machines "At Arms Length"

Tree Machines 'At Arms Length'
Folksy duo Tree Machines recently relocated from their home base of Lawrence, KS, to Los Angeles and they're gradually unveiling a trio of brand new singles. Next up is "At Arms Length," and Exclaim! has got your exclusive first listen to the new tune.
Following up their debut EP, the musical pair — consisting of Douglas Wooldridge and Patrick Aubry — recently unleashed the first of three stand-alone singles with "Summer Night." "At Arms Length" is officially out on August 28, with the final track "To Be Alive" set to arrive on September 18. Though released separately, the trilogy of songs remain connected to each other.
"Basically it's all stages of a relationship," Wooldridge said in a statement. "'Summer Night' is the happy-go-lucky part of new love. 'To Be Alive' is more of a 'we've seen some shit together, but we love each other more for it' type of attitude. And 'At Arms Length' is the 'we're barely keeping our heads above water and we're drifting apart' stage."
That sentiment is delivered to listeners through dextrous, quickly picked acoustic guitar strings and the emotive, slow-building powerhouse vocals about "treading water" in the difficult stages of love.
After the singles trilogy comes to a close next month, the band are preparing to record their debut full-length record with producer Mikel Giffin. While we await further details, you can hear an advanced stream of "At Arms Length" in the player below.