Traum Tanto Impresos Com Sistemas

Maybe it's the ions in the Chinook winds that blow over Calgary from time to time. Maybe it's something in the Bow River water. Whatever it is, the Calgary free improv scene is producing some high quality recordings via micro-label Bug Incision. Traum are a trio comprised of cellist Hans Buetow, percussionist Ben Hall and guitarist Chris Riggs. What is immediately apparent on this three-track document is the artists' attention to, and valuation of, small sounds. Dynamics rarely exceed mezzo piano. The interplay between whispery cello glissandi, tiny guitar scratches and scrapes, and wood block clicks and pianissimo bass drum thumps is full of restrained energy and attentive group listening. A generous group think — the moment-to-moment willingness to give others sonic space — is at play throughout the entire recording. Each of these three musicians definitely cares about what the other two have to say. Listening with closed eyes is highly recommended. (Bug Incision)