Trashmonkeys Clubtown

In the last few years, Europe's gotten hip to the garage/soul/boogaloo trip, and the Anglo-Germanic Trashmonkeys are definitely on this "get down" tip. The Flamin' Sideburns, King Khan and His Famous Shrines, and Los Banditos have all discovered that the kids just want to dance, and this generation of bands is giving them the Hammond organ and horn-fuelled workouts to shake their milky white butts to. Just listen to the instrumental title track and it's not hard to understand why this open throttle, go-go, "fun-is-all" attitude is taking over. These guys can shift from Stax B-side-like grooves, like on "Electric Eyes," to more straight ahead retro blasters like "Got You Now" while still keeping the crowd's feet moving. It should also be noted that there is a fairly slick commercial element to this band that could catapult them out of the underground, but could also potentially alienate the hardcore garagers out there. Hopefully the feel good vibes of Europe and Scandinavia's garage/soul party band movement will spread across to North America. (Acid Jazz)