Trap Them "Salted Crypts"

Trap Them 'Salted Crypts'
Yesterday (April 7), Trap Them announced plans to issue their new Blissfucker this spring, and, as promised, today they've unveiled the first virulent preview, "Salted Crypts."

The fuzzed-out funeral march begins with a procession of low-tuned and lumbering six-string hits and slow-mo drum beats, but the multi-passaged number eventually riles itself up into a speedier assault. Harmonized metal licks are hurtful, the manic pace is set to stun, and you'll need to have a rest after the relentless wrecker of a track is done. Whether it's in your comfy bed or a crypt is up for you to decide.

You can check out the group's latest d-beat odyssey down below.

As previously reported, Blissfucker drops June 10 through Prosthetic Records. That's the album art up above.