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Southern Metalcore

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Jul 2, 2014

What is it?
Southern metalcore took Pantera's groove metal and added an energetic hardcore edge. A calculated stutter and stop creates the signature groovy riffs, which are as critical to the sound as the breakdown (also present here) is to metalcore as a whole. The vocals are usually yelled, with less emphasis on throaty growls.

Who's Doing It?
Every Time I Die, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Cancer Bats, He Is Legend, Ritual, Feed the Rhino, Memphis May Fire.

Where Should I Start?
For a lesson in groove, Pantera's appropriately titled The Great Southern Trendkill. Every Time I Die's catalog is absolutely essential — start with their 2014 offering, From Parts Unknown. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster's first two efforts came from Alabama and sound like it.

What's Next?
With a new one from genre masters Every Time I Die, and new/upcoming releases by Feed the Rhino, Ritual (ex-Dead and Divine) and He Is Legend, the South is rising. Meanwhile, Memphis May Fire are bringing their poppified take to the Warped Tour crowd this summer.

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