The Translator Moombahton

The Translator Moombahton
What is it?
Moombahton, despite an etymologic resemblance to reggaeton, actually came from Dutch house. It bubbles along at a 108 BPM party-starting simmer and emphasizes atmospheric production. A fascinating "world music 2.0" crosstalk between European and Latino audiences, some tracks are laced with Colombian cumbia samples while others retain Dutch house origins.

Why is it called that?
Coined by Dutch DJ Dave Nada (pictured) after pitching down a remix of Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie's "Moombah."

Who's doing it?
Dave Nada, Munchi, Dillon Francis, Billy the Gent and, inevitably, Diplo who hit up Nada for last month's Blow Your Head Vol. 2 on Mad Decent.

Where should I start?
Munchi "Sandunguero," Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots "Cumbia Nightlife (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit)," DJ Orion's Moombounce EP, Boogat/Munchi "Kabul Deli"

What's next?
Subgenre after subgenre ― such as moombounce and moombahsoul ― brought to you by Soundcloud and Youtube.

Listen to the Exclaim! Moombahton playlist at rdio.