Tram Frequently Asked Questions

Such quietness could get a band into big trouble. London's Tram are so gentle and light on the ear that sometimes it's hard to tell when the album ends. Frequently Asked Questions, their second album, is of such elegance and intimacy that you can feel alone with this record in a crowded shopping mall. Often compared to the likes of Low (not quite that sombre) and Smog, the band makes sparse music that crushes hearts and ever so gently cracks smiles. The songs are of a sad nature but never quite reaches a depressive state. Opener "Now We Can Get On With Our Lives" is the softest song that will be released all year. The album flows gently, as 11 tracks go by without a chance to lose interest. The only slight surprise occurs on "Folk," where it sounds as if Ornette Colemen makes a guest appearance for a short solo. Tram has a certain honesty that make you want to listen to what they have to say. A completely delicate album, Frequently Asked Questions should not be dropped on the floor - it might break easily. (Jetset)