Tracyanne & Danny Tracyanne & Danny

Tracyanne & Danny Tracyanne & Danny
Collaborations are a beautiful thing, especially between singer-songwriters Tracyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura and Danny Coughlan of Crybaby. Their self-titled debut is a combination of both Campbell's melodic style and Coughlan's rich rustic sound; Tracyanne & Danny delve into a carefree realm, with a blend of delicacy and strength that is all too human.
Campbell and Coughlan's voices complement each other with ease and grace, "It Can't Be Love Unless It Hurts" is a soft, string-heavy anthem about unrequited love. Coughlan's blissful, sepia-toned voice throughout the album make this a timeless record. He especially shines on "Jacqueline," where Coughlan croons: "Jacqueline / Look at the mess you're in / Tired in your own skin / Talk to me Jacqueline." The romantic and heart-wrenching tone of this track is intimate and grand; from beginning to end, you're reminded of all the reasons why Tracyanne & Danny may be your next favourite album.
"Alabama" has that classic, bouncy Camera Obscura sound. Infectious vocals with a lot of spunk atop folk-driven instrumentals are carried by lyrics that pay tribute to Campbell's late friend and bandmate. She sings "I couldn't hope for a better soul / When I'm an old lady I'll still miss you like crazy."
Tracyanne & Danny is a deftly-produced, heartfelt album, highlighting both Campbell and Coughlan's best qualities, setting the bar high. (Merge)