Toxe Blinks

Toxe Blinks
Swedish DJ and producer Tove Agélii, who performs and records as Toxe, has been surprising club-goers with an edginess that belies her youth. Her sets are just as likely to bring about peristalsis as they are to get bodies to locomote. She completely slayed with her Boiler Room studio set, which she performed when she was just barely out of high school.
The music she produces is equally skull-crushing. Agélii unleashed the gristly, tech-heavy Muscle Memory EP for the Stockholm-based Staycore collective, of which she is a member. She all but destroyed Britney Spears' "Toxic" with a blood-spattered axe on "Xic," which Rabit put out on his Halcyon Veil imprint. Morning Story, an A/V project performed alongside artist Niclas Hille, is equally challenging but in a more cerebral sense.
The Blinks EP picks up where Morning Story left off, albeit in a more mutated and whimsical vein. Agélii lays down melodies and smears the edges just enough that they veer off into strange territories. Light-hearted samples (did I just hear someone slip on a banana peel?) are dispersed liberally, but with a definite purpose, preserving the mood of each track.
The rhythmic material is considerably more skeletal and deliberate than on past outings, the beats etched out with laser-like precision. Blinks is a refreshing, yet brief, slice of youthful, cutting-edge electronic music; Toxe has a bright future ahead. (Pan)