Toshack Highway Everyday, Rock 'n' Roll Is Saving My Life

Toshack Highway is essentially the work of Swervedriver's singer-guitarist Adam Franklin, who created this project as an outlet for a trippier brand of rock than he was producing with his Swervie pals. With a successful debut under his belt, and Swervedriver's future still in limbo (they are searching for a proper record deal), Franklin has decided to continue with Toshack, here releasing some new material on a very cool EP. Anyone put off by the more spaced-out nature of the full-length debut should find more comfort here. These tracks are a little more traditional in their style, and would easily fit on the late Swervedriver albums. Roots-y, accomplished guitars and lazy, fuzzy vocals work well on these four tracks, with "Seize the Day" being one of Franklin's better releases in recent years. The production style is subdued and lo-fi, which is the right way to go with these songs. With many awaiting the return of Swervedriver, this EP should serve as a nice pacifier until that day arrives. (Space Baby)