Toronto's Loviet Already Sounds Like an Established Pop Star on Debut EP 'Everyone Knows the Thrill When It's Over'

BY Francesca RosePublished Jun 23, 2020

Having released her debut single just last year, Loviet (the musical project of Toronto-based Natalie Lynn) is still a newcomer on the scene. Despite this, her debut EP, Everyone Knows the Thrill When It's Over, feels assured and polished, as though it were coming deep in the catalogue of an already established artist.

"The Thrill," for example, begins with an '80s-tinged streak of neon and an electrifying drum beat pounding through the night, before erupting into a celebratory outpour: "Baby it's typical / That I wanna take you home / If you reach out, I'll be right here baby / I won't let you down, turn the lights out baby" she howls amidst the glowing arrangement, capturing the first rush of new love.

Overall, Loviet's vocals are intense, a seeming outpour of emotion transferred into an encouragement to dance. It's something that's most prominent on "When It's Over," with a chorus that recalls Carly Rae Jepsen. "Either you want me or you don't / Either you love me or you won't / Either you stay or you go / I know you want to take me home," she declares in a reflection of coming-of-age relationship struggles. Sparkly melancholy, heartbreak and affection all whirl together. It's also the only song on the EP that hasn't already been released a single, meaning that it carries extra weight here as an introduction to Loviet.

The opening track, "Everyone Knows" begins glossily spacious and attitude-driven with an incorporation of tongue-in-cheek lyricism. It then bursts into a chorus reminiscent of the 1975 — that glossy, easily listenable blend of synths and guitars. 

Compiled of three tracks, Everyone Knows the Thrill When It's Over is simple both in its concept and delivery. It's a merge of influences that makes the overall sound familiar — but it's a familiarity that could endear her to a mass audience.

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