Toronto's Freddie Future Shares New Single "Like It Never Happened"

Toronto's Freddie Future Shares New Single 'Like It Never Happened'
Ahead of delivering his debut studio album FF, Toronto's Freddie Future has shared another new single from the effort.

Titled "Like It Never Happened," the track was produced alongside Fox Sounds' Derek Hoffman (the Elwins, Ralph) and can be heard in the player below. It follows previously shared cuts "Too Heavy" and "Leave Me Cold."

"I was in studio with [Hoffman] and found myself channelling an experience I had gone through, dealing with the push and pull dynamic when we don't give the other person the space they need, making them back away," Freddie Future tells Exclaim! of the track's genesis.

On the song's airy hook, he sings, "Another day, another dim lit fight in the doorway / We move on, like it never happened."

Explaining the song further, he continues: "It's difficult to see it when you're in it, and we can often lack perspective. This song is ultimately about going from lovers to complete strangers which can be devastating, and the saddest part of all is not even acknowledging that your love had ever existed."

Freddie Future will play Toronto's Drake Underground on July 24 alongside Kayobe. Further ticketing information is available here.