Toronto's Good Kid Go 8-bit for New Video Game

'Good Kid: Ghost King's Revenge' is soundtracked by chiptune versions of the band's songs
Toronto's Good Kid Go 8-bit for New Video Game
Toronto quintet Good Kid may be known for their energetic, pop rock tracks (like on last month's Good Kid 2 EP), but the band's members also all work as computer programmers. The band have combined their two ventures for their latest project, a video game called Good Kid: Ghost King's Revenge.

The side-scroller finds players taking control of one of the band's members as they chase through the streets of Toronto to rescue their beloved mascot, Nomu Kid. Players must jump and duck to avoid dancing ghosts and raccoons in motorized trash cans, while collecting power-ups and fighting a series of bosses. It's soundtracked by chiptune versions of the band's songs, as arranged by drummer Jon Ke.

Ghost King's Revenge blends the group's love of retro, 8-bit visuals while building on the band's well-established mythology, with the band's pixelated avatars having previously starred in videos for 2017 single "Witches" and 2019's "Slingshot," of which the latter introduced the game's titular antagonist. The game was preceded by a week-long virtual scavenger hunt, which included deciphering clues on the band's Discord server, a mysterious Spotify playlist and a creepy voicemail.

The game was programmed by Good Kid guitarist Jacob Tsafatinos and Manasa Seethepalli, with art by Shutteye (who works with Tsafatinos as Ghost Juice Games) and the band's longtime visual designer, Gabriel Altrows. 

Play Good Kid: Ghost King's Revenge here, but be warned — it's deceptively difficult! The band will release the 8-bit soundtrack this Friday, December 18.