Torn Down Units Loved, Lost, Still Standing

These four young, crazy-assed rock and rollers from Orangeville, Ontario play instrumental boogie rock, hard country-influenced punk and a little surf too. Kicking things off with a spaghetti-instrumental, "Rocket on the Plains,” the Torn Down Units quickly change gear into the catchy twin guitar strut of "Give Me Your Heart.” Jumping back and forth from Southern fried booty-kicking rockers to tricky instrumentals isn’t an easy thing, but these guys pull it off with ease. Think Bad Wizard mixed with the Sadies and you’ve got an idea of what these guys are throwing down. Album highlights include "Torn Down Blues," which is a short and sweet teaser of an instro as well as the full-on wah-wah fest of "Home.” "Dance of the Elves (in g minor)" shows a sense of humour and reminds one of Tchort’s more freaky flights of fancy. Recorded on a shoestring budget, there is a lot of crunch to this album for the buck making it a ballsy little guitar rock album. (Independent)