Tori Amos tells fans: "Get the fuck out”

Tori Amos tells fans: 'Get the fuck out”
Tori Amos kicked out two fans from her show at the Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego on Wednesday night (December 12), telling them to "get the fuck out of my show".

Apparently, the women had been repeatedly getting up and down from their seats to dance, prompting the outburst. Half-way through performing "Code Red” Amos stood up from her piano, pointed out the two women and shouted: "Get the fuck out of my show!” As the women were being escorted out by security, the Corn Flake Girl continued: "It's a privilege to sit in the front row and I reserve those seats for people who appreciate music. Get the fuck out!” Audience applauding ensued.

According to a fan comment on the YouTube page displaying the clip of said tirade, security has been very tight at many of Amos’ recent shows, preventing the gigs from being "hindered by obnoxious drunks, fratboys and sluts who aren't even fans of the music but are just there to drink in public…”

Watch Tori Amos' tirade here