Top 10 NSFW Music Videos of 2012

Top 10 NSFW Music Videos of 2012
Sex, violence and swearing — those are the urges your boss wants you to suppress while you're on the clock. Even so, sometime after a couple hours of number crunching, data entry and mind-numbing customer service, you need to let off some steam, and what better way than with a spicy NSFW video. It's a social faux-pas, but there's an extra surge of excitement you get out of streaming something slightly naughty while your co-workers are around. Here are just a few of the dangly bits and killing sprees we caught while covertly shielding our computer screens from the killjoys.

Top 10 Canadian NSFW Music Videos of 2012:

10. Killer Mike
"Big Beast"

No matter how you slice it, there's implicitly something sinister about the "Killer" part of Killer Mike's stage name. The dude finally connects the dots for us on the clip for R.A.P. Music cut "Big Beast," where he takes an axe to some would-be robbers and rapists, and plays a part in the waist-up explosion of a highway-bound shotgun shooter. It's vigilante justice at its splateriest.

9. Of Montreal
"Sails Hermaphroditic"

Of Montreal's "Sails Hermaphroditic" video is more proof that underneath every team-building sports activity lurks a whole heap of sexual tension. A field-bound game blending Red Rover, football and baseball-bat beatings leads some of the players at the bottom of a pig pile to fantasize about some indoor nubile action. Interestingly, between the sexual tension of those skin-on-skin sports scrums and the imagined sensual neon wonderland, the video's least erotically charge moment comes with the sudden arrival of a group of bona fide cock rockers.

8. Drake

There's nothing explicitly NSFW about Drake's video for Take Care cut "Practice," but the low-budget, seemingly self-shot vid of model Kyra Chaos wriggling it in her messy room may have your co-workers convinced you're creeping girls on the company dime. The voyeuristic clip shows her doing some deep dips and hypnotically jiggling that back section as Drake drops those chorus commands to "back that ass up." Then the dude pops into the room for what we can only presume turned into a steamy session on that clothes-scattered duvet cover, but it tragically fades to black upon his entrance.

7. Father John Misty
"This Is Sally Hatchet"

You've got to hand it to Father John Misty (aka Josh Tillman), the guy knows how to ruin a pizza with style. In the glossy but gory clip for psych-soul Fear Fun number "This Is Sally Hatchet," the dude's regular shift at the local pie shop gets rudely interrupted by the pistol-packing Sally Hatchet, who's in the mood for some late-night target practice. But when not firing off rounds or doling out sexy dance moves in the back of the pizza parlour with Sally, our hero's getting his hand mangled by a pizza slicer and spurting human sauce all over a pentagram-adorned pie. Not to be rude, but we're going to pass on a second helping.

6. Frank Ocean

The back half of R&B crooner Frank Ocean's "Pyramids" centres on a stripper named Cleopatra, so it's not really that surprising that its accompanying video clip is a NSFW affair that partially takes place in a peeler bar. An ether-induced drippiness pervades the video, and has Ocean stumbling and giggling slow-mo through the strip club. One particularly booming backside envelopes a brass pole, while other topless dancers wriggle elsewhere on the catwalk. Self-admitted porn addict John Mayer sexes things up by proxy, even though he just wails away on his six-string.