Tomorrowland Microbe

One of the strangest sounding electronic albums I've heard this year, Microbe is bizarre to say the least, and original without a doubt. While everyone else is trying to develop their techno concepts, taking them to the next level, these guys have run off and started making tracks from deep within an uncharted realm. It is as if the members of Tomorowland worked in isolation from influences. At first the album may be off-putting, because there is nothing to relate this "music" to - one might mention Farmer's Manual by way of analogy, not in sound but in audacity and experimentation. Track after track, high-pitched tones and filtered electronic garbling squelch out of the speaker, as if listening to insects make what they would consider music. For creativity in sound and originality, Microbe gets full marks, whether it's listenable depends on an individual's adventurousness. Fresh, different, strange, way off-centre, you'll have a hard time finding anything like this. (Portable Island)