Centaur Tommy Lee's New "Bouncy Castle" Video Has Disembodied Boobs, a Dildo Helmet, a Trouser Snake and Bodily Fluids

He ain't got a single song where he need to be doing all that

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 23, 2022

Recent OnlyFans entrepreneur and occasional Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has released a new solo single called "Bouncy Castle," paired with a rather bothersome music video animated by Toronto's smearballs, a.k.a. Nick denBoer (The Chickening).

Where does one even begin with something like this? Put simply, Lee's reputation precedes him. Having one of the most inescapable penises in rock 'n' roll and often other things occupying the real estate of his pants, he likewise takes many partially-nude forms in his latest video. Although it's perhaps all of the disembodied boobs — as kick drums, helpfully labelled wall decor, etc. — that are the most NSFW element of the visuals for "Bouncy Castle." Either those or the dildo helmet.

Elsewhere, Lee dabbles in anthropomorphism as a centaur double-fisting in turquoise Raybans and in the throes of ecstasy as an anaconda emerges from his pants against the background of a trashed hotel room. The fireplace is eating some guy and another guy is already headless, there's a pile of defiled corpses, and Lee's wife Brittany Furland bounces on the belly of a man spewing all sorts of bodily fluids with every impact.

According to press materials, denBoer first met Lee at a party at deadmau5's house (as one does). Lee became a fan of denBoer's work, the rocker frequently posting his animations on his illustrious Instagram account, and the Canadian pitched him the "Bouncy Castle" video treatment this summer.

Watch the video, which is correctly age-restricted on YouTube, below.

Last month, Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars announced his retirement from touring, while bassist Nikki Sixx is the latest to incur the wrath of the Swifties on Twitter.

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