Tommy Genesis "Art"

Tommy Genesis 'Art'
After officially announcing World Vision 2 last week, Vancouver rapper Tommy Genesis has offered up some new music from the impending sequel. The up-north portion of the Awful roster has blessed us with her "Art."

The silken production on the track features various synth and guitar textures, above which Tommy Genesis works a 'lax sermon for the kinky children of the internet. Laced into the lyrics are references to crucifixions, rooms full of ropes and chains, and a dark appreciation for the arts.

You can check out "Art" below, courtesy of Illroots.

It's as yet unclear when World Vision 2 arrives, but it reportedly features production work from the likes of DexteR dukarus, Nguzunguzu's NA, 808 Mafia, MADEINTYO, GODMODEGAME666, not to mention Genesis herself.