Tommy Genesis "Execute" (video)

Tommy Genesis 'Execute' (video)
After a few years spent spitting around her native Vancouver, rapper Tommy Genesis announced that she hooked up with Atlanta's Awful Records to deliver a debut LP, World Vision. Though set to go global, she's still repping her city in the video for the set's "Execute," whether exploring Pacific Ocean scenes or local car dealerships.

As you'll see down below, Tommy Genesis spits her way through the video from various locales, whether laying across railroad tracks or perched on rocks by the water. Lyrically, Genesis delivers the wisdom via a mix of bars that either play overblown with echo or with a quick-paced cadence.  She executes her vision with lines about snitches and try-hards, and how to be a leader ("I'd rather be a snake than a ladder").

The cut follows her recent "Shepherd" single, though details on World Vision have yet to be revealed in full.