Tombs "Spiral"

Tombs 'Spiral'
Next month, Brooklyn black metal act Tombs will return with a new album called Savage Gold. After bringing us to the "Edge of Darkness," the group have shared another taste of the release with "Spiral."

The song's a speedy slab of modern American black metal that pummels eardrums through its six-minute runtime and suggests Savage Gold will be well worth the price of admission.

Speaking with Stereogum, who first shared the track, the band's Mike Hill opened up about the album, including its theme of life and death.

He also explained the album's title with the following statement:

Gold in the chemical sense is a noble metal, a higher substance. In alchemy the primary goal is to transform a low material to a higher material. One of my pursuits in life is to always improve myself and ascend to a higher level. That's where the gold comes from, that idea. I like to throw the term savage around because it implies intensity and an animalistic approach to things. The two words fit well. When we recorded the album in Florida everything was worked out except the title. Late one night after a session we were relaxing and I looked at our lyrics and saw the term savage gold and asked if we should use it. There's a certain cadence that lends itself well to the record.

Relapse will issue Savage Gold on June 10. Listen to "Spiral" below.