Tomas Jirku Entropy

Tomas Jirku joins the Intr_version clan to bring his lean and sparse minimalist techno sensibility and dub-wise tangents to the playing field. A hybrid of dub, techno and the occasional track with 4/4 dance rhythms, Entropy is imbued with atmospheric parts that are akin to ambience but never fully crosses over. Rather, the music of Entropy hovers in the grey areas of genre definition. The clicks and digital pops on the recordings sound like wires with a frayed connection, but melodically arranged. The true charm to Jirku's material, however, is that it requires patience to hear the developments of the music, where the listener can best appreciate the music on Entropy in a "chilled" frame of mind. One of the most attractive elements to this album is that on every song an electro echo whine levitates over the piece like a spectre, or hovers like the smouldering wisps of incense smoke. This particular sound is where much of the beauty on the album resides. (Intr_version)