Tokyo Police Club's Graham Wright Releases New Solo Recording

Tokyo Police Club's Graham Wright Releases New Solo Recording
Following news of Tokyo Police Club's new U.S. label deal, keyboardist Graham Wright has released a new solo recording as a free download on his website.

Unlike the spiky new wave rock his band are known for, Wright's solo offering, dubbed "Crooked Moon," is a mellow acoustic track. With its gentle plucking, banjo leads and hushed vocals, it sounds closer to Iron & Wine, in a good way, than typical Tokyo Police Club fare.

Along with the free download, Wright posted a message explaining that the song was inspired by a recent trip to a friend's wedding. "I thought it would be nice to write a very simple love song that could be used as a first dance at somebody's wedding, or something."

As for Wright's plans for future solo releases, the message reveals that he's "turned into a pretty prolific songwriter," but "it may be years before anyone hears them."
This isn't the first time Wright has released solo recordings for free via his website. Last November, he issued The Lakes of Alberta, a five-song EP about an extramarital affair.

Click here to download "Cracked Moon."