Toddla T Weighs In on Ninja Tune's Album Leak Showdown

Toddla T Weighs In on Ninja Tune's Album Leak Showdown
In this crazy post-Napster world, many artists and record labels have no choice but to deal with the harsh reality of their work showing up on the internet before release date. But Ninja Tune, the long-running London dance label, has taken a stand against those who allegedly leak their albums, a move that Ninja Tune artist and leak victim Toddla T fully supports.

As previously reported, back in July, this message appeared on "It was with considerable disappointment that we learnt in the last week that two records we have been working on have been leaked. Toddla T's Watch Me Dance and Thundercat's The Golden Age of Apocalypse were both leaked from copies sent to journalist Benjamin Jager at the offices of Backspin magazine in Germany."

This led to some heated back-and-forth between Ninja Tune, Jager and Backspin, but as Toddla T recently told Exclaim!, the UK producer is sticking by his label.

"If someone does something like that, then I don't feel no way about exposing them. It's not like he [Jager] didn't know what he was doing. If you put my record online and you get caught, then 'what the fuck did you expect?' I really respect Ninja for calling him out. I don't think it really impacted sales much but it's massively inconsiderate of him to do. As far as I'm concerned, 'fuck him.'"

Toddla T's sophomore LP, Watch Me Dance, was released (in stores, at least) this Tuesday (September 13) in North America. In support of the record, he has lined up a North American tour, which includes several Canadian dates. You can see all the stops here.