Todd Terje / Various

Remaster of the Universe

BY Sarah FergusonPublished Jul 20, 2010

This collection of remixes, re-edits and even re-remixes could make you think Oslo's Todd Terje is no one to give up on a song. On the other hand, he could be meticulously driving himself insane in his efforts to get these mixes just right. A cool record, the tunes on Remaster are cinematic, with club beats and rock undertones. Terje remixes music by Chaz Jankel, Lindstrom and Mungolian Jetset, to name a few of the artists featured on these two CDs. The record has a blasé, haphazard feel and Terje's not afraid to curiously throw down some of "his worst re-edits." These songs do wear thin after repeat listens though. "Pop Muzik" by M is like an odd reincarnation of Devo, which is never a bad thing. Terje's remix of "Moon Jocks n' Prog Rocks" by Mungolian Jetset sounds sci-fi, if you can imagine music for a Doctor Who nightclub scene. Terje should consider work in film, as his track selection would accompany visuals well. Don't expect a perfect album however, as Terje is openly showing off his flawed material alongside the goodies.
(Permanent Vacation)

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