Todd Kerns Go Time

You may know Todd Kerns from Age of Electric or Static in Stereo, but he is on his own now and finally doing it how he wants it to be done. Go Time is not as slick as his previous work; this was made more for him than for a record company. Recorded with members of Zuckerbaby, Static in Stereo and Bif Naked, he rocks quite hard on this album. The drumming in particular is very strong, with a good back beat to the music it supports, which is topped off with inexorable guitars. The lyrics are all very personal, concerning lost love, found love and anything else that rouses passion. It is always nice to hear tough love songs where there is sentiment without any contrived embarrassments. The songs are predominately rock with selected moments of solace, or else ricocheting somewhere in between the two. "Beautiful Disaster,” for instance, is reminiscent of Flash Bastard without the glitz. This is not the most original album, but there's enough attitude to carry it wherever it needs to go. (Her Royal Majesty)