Todd Anderson-Kunert Conjectures

Todd Anderson-Kunert Conjectures
Todd Anderson Kunert's two-track experimental EP is unexpected. Each tune clocks in just above the 15-minute mark, and brings with it the lingering feeling of live and improvised sound exploration as popularized by John Cage. In the 15 minutes allocated to each track, each song tells its own story.
Made entirely on a Moog System 55 Synthesizer, "one of only a few existing in the world," Kunert's 30-minite sonic exploration into the deep recesses of the Moog 55 is exciting and extraordinary. It recalls the first time you touch a new instrument; it's tentative but also willing to push boundaries.
"It Feels Right" starts off deep and droning, and continues on with organic-sounding raw noises that bring to mind (for fans of experimental music like this) the previous recordings of Sarah Davachi and even a less intense Ilhan Mimaroglu. Waiting through the whole track is rewarded; at around the ten-minute mark the Moog System 55 offers a more melodic turn from the standard hum that the song delivered for the first two thirds.
For fans of ambient, drone-inspired experimental music and soft sounds delivered in a deep voice, Anderson-Kunert's Conjectures EP is a beautiful record. For those just beginning to dip their toes into the pool of experimental music genres and what "experimental music" can really mean, this is a great place to start. An album carried entirely by the feelings a single sound can generate, it's an impressive release that doesn't feel too one-note. (Room 40)