Today Is the Day

"Heathen" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Apr 9, 2015

Nashville noiseniks Today Is the Day recently promised a pair of music videos supporting their devastating 2014 release Animal Mother were on the way, and now one of those clips has arrived. Witness, if you will, the psychedelic and serpentine, post-apocalyptic nightmare that is their new video for album track "Heathen."

Director Neil Barrett has synced up the band's melange of gloom licks, slow-mo grooves and full-barreled drum blasts to a series of unsettling images. For instance, check out the monstrous, electromagnetic snakes that are poised to strike at a moment's notice, or an uncomfortable rubble landscape filled with television antennas and tombstones.

Melding together various tie-dyed backdrops, it also features snarling guard dogs, self-inflicted stab wounds and distorted, blood-soaked allusions to deicide.

It very well could be seizure-inducing, but you can catch the manic metal video down below, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting. Keep in mind, as previously reported, that a video for Animal Mother's title track is also on the way.

The next leg of Today Is the Day's tour schedule starts up at the end of the month, and includes an appearance at Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre on May 14. You'll find all of the concert info here.

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