Tod Dockstader Aerial #1

I will confess to not knowing anything but a name in terms of Tod Dockstader and his music. That being said, I was immediately fascinated by the sheer musicality of what are essentially edited, and processed shortwave AM radio signals. This album is the first of a series of three to be released as a box set by Sub Rosa recordings that feature electronic music by Dockstader using this type of sound source. One of the most remarkable things about this work is that it spans the composing process from collecting the sounds on a cassette, dumping them on to 72 reels and 35 DATs (for a total 90 hours!), mixing via two ampex two-track reels and finally making the leap on to computer for the final mix-down. The results are a collection of beautiful, varied works that sometimes (in a very bizarre way) communicate the friendliness of pop songs with the sonic colours of electronica. Fans of Matmos and Autechre would do well to check this stuff out. Music fans in general should, as well. Brilliance. (Sub Rosa)