Tiny Vipers Back with New Album

Tiny Vipers Back with New Album
Another day, another dispatch from Sub Pop's increasingly busy release schedule. This time it appears that brooding Seattle songstress Jesy Fortino, who performs as Tiny Vipers, will finally release a follow-up to 2007's criminally under-appreciated debut, Hand Across the Void.

The record, called Life On Earth, will be out on July 7. It was recorded by Fortino at home, and later "interpreted by" Andrew Hernandez (the Howling Hex, the Sword) in a classic analog studio in Austin, TX. If you want to take the press release's word for it, "Retaining both the glow of her work on guitar and the strength of her voice, Hernandez has captured the organic nature mirrored in the concepts of the album," which apparently range from "love found and lost" to "places come and gone."

A track from the album, "Dreamer," is available on a digital Sub Pop sampler, which comes with the titillating title Cyber Sex. You can grab here.

Life on Earth tracklisting:
1. "Eyes Like Ours"
2. "Development"
3. "Slow Motion"
4. "Dreamer"
5. "Time Takes"
6. "Young God"
7. "Life on Earth"
8. "CM"
9. "Tiger Mountain"
10. "Untitled"
11. "Outside"