Tiny Amps Trill & Swagger

Tiny Amps hearken back to the indie rock sounds of the early ’90s in this unflinching debut. Already having garnered numerous comparisons to ’90s heavyweight Pavement, this Boston band are likely to become a fixture in the ’90s nostalgia movement. Distortion trickles down over top infection arrangements and the gently gruff meanderings of vocalist Jeff O’Neil, who sings of simple, every day happenings in songs like "Dance on a Crowded Floor,” "Tabletalk” and "Dinner.” Each track on Trill & Swagger seems to have an underlying sluggish pace but it works to accent the warm fuzziness that Tiny Amps emit. Recorded by Dave Auchenbach (Lightning Bolt, Kind of Like Spitting), these ten tracks drag on in pleasant waves of atmospheric anti-harmony. (Redder)