The Tiny Starring: Someone Like You

In making their sophomore album, the Tiny sought to give each song its own identity and they’ve accomplished this task with Starring: Someone Like You. Each track is a lush symphony of stripped down creations, sometimes full of fragility and repression, other times hissing and popping with fiery nuances and bitter grit. Vocalist Ellekari Larson sounds like a shimmering apparition, allowing her voice to fall in and out of whispers and rages, draping each song in velvety gradations and burning charisma. The song titles are telling of what kind of universe each of these tracks exist in, and as the album unfolds with "Know Your Demons,” "Dirty Frames” and "I Don’t Like (The Way You Move Me)” more and more layers are uncovered and new shades and shadows fill in whatever gaps they can latch onto. (Eyeball)