Tinkertoy/Polmo Polpo "I Understand Why You Want To Move To Montreal"/"Acqua (Slight Return)"

This is a fantastic twelve-inch by two promising electronic music artists that are apt to leave an enduring mark in their field. On one side is Tinkertoy's "I Understand Why You Want To Move to Montreal," which starts off with rather cold sounding guitar notes and when the pronounced 4/4 kick drum begins, it is followed by a harsh barking digital chant. The rhythm, notes and digital chant fade into white static by the end of the track. Though "I Understand..." is clearly a dance track, it retains an overtly melancholic mood coupled with the melody. On the flip side is Polmo Polpo's "Acqua (Slight Return)." This tune is actually an elaboration of the original, with less emphasis on an aggressive mood and more on that smooth, melodic slide guitar playing that producer Sandro Perri is known for. The tune moves slowly and the 4/4 kick drum does not occur until well into the track, interplaying wonderfully with the wistful melody. This twelve-inch contains excellent, original and evolved takes on the medium of dance music. (Lautmaschine)