Tinkertoy Transatlantic Lovemachine

Between broodingly melodic drones, intermittent house-y kick drum beats, techno accentuations and processed-beyond-recognition instrumentation lurks Tinkertoy. A murky and deeply atmospheric record, this release is often brooding yet positive rays shine through like sunlight through gaps in a storm cloud. Transatlantic Lovemachine refers to Paul Shrimpton and Andrew Wedman’s process in composing the album; increasingly typical in the information age. Both were separated by the Atlantic divide during the making of the album. A special quality in Transatlantic is the use of atypical sounds not found in the spectrum of sounds available on a synthesiser or otherwise. As is typical with any Noisefactory release, it is difficult to pin down what exact type of music this is since it does not adhere to any one genre, be it house, techno or otherwise. (Noise Factory)