Tinkertoy My 13th Birthday

Clunky mechanical techno the way I remember it, before it went the abstract click-dub direction. All the tracks on this CD are cold, robotic, blatantly in your face techno with its take no prisoners rhythms and uncompromising and aggressive sounds. I didn't know they still made this kind of electronic music. The track titles have a Negativeland ring to them, such as "So Much Depends On Good Coffee," "For That Meat and Potato Husband" and "Casserole Dishes Are Good Penny Savers." Personally, I would pick something a bit more alphanumeric and non-organic. This is serious techno for the serious techno head, right up there with the music of Australia's Black Lung. For this aggressive yet exceptionally constructed album, but rather than being called Tinkertoy, why not Terminator, Daleks or IG-88? (Lautmaschine)