Times New Viking "Ever Falling in Love" (video)

Times New Viking 'Ever Falling in Love' (video)
Following the recent release of their Dancer Equired, scuzzed-out rock dudes Times New Viking have dropped a new video for the album track "Ever Falling in Love."

Speaking with IFC, the band's Adam Elliott had this to say about the vid:

"It works good, because there are two characters in it. And in the song, Beth is singing, and I'm singing. I sing the boy character, and she sings the girl character. My lyrics and voice are the actual story, and then her lyrics are kind of what the girl is thinking. We knew we needed a video for that song, and we knew that, after our last video, we wanted to step it up even more and try to do the stop-motion idea. We tried to make a little French New Wave stop-motion. Breathlesswas kind of an inspiration for the video."

You can watch the video below and pick up Dancer Equired now on Merge Records.