Timbaland Brings Us Beaterator; Disses Scott Storch

Timbaland Brings Us <i>Beaterator</i>; Disses Scott Storch
While he isn’t producing and appearing in videos for the likes of Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake, or prepping his new album Shock Value (which, of course, will feature Furtado, Timberlake, Elton John, the Hives, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Fall Out Boy, Björk… do I have to list them all?) for its March 27 release, Timbaland (aka Tim Mosley) is playing videogames.

Alright, he’s actually developing them. Wait, really? Yes, Timbaland has joined forces with the envelope pushers at Rockstar Games for the next music-making game to follow-up Guitar Hero. Beaterator (out this summer) will allow PSP users to make their own beats and also features an impressive collection of original music to mess with, as well as rhythm games with different challenge modes.

"I’ve always been a huge fan of Rockstar and love playing their games,” admitted Timbaland in a statment. "I’m thrilled to be partnering with them and making music for Beaterator. I cannot wait to get this in the hands of our fans!”

Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser added: "Music has always been a hugely important part of everything we do here. Two years ago, we launched a web-based version of Beaterator on our own website and people really embraced it. That inspired us to build and create something very interactive and unique. Having Timbaland involved in the game is a real honor and only adds to our excitement about the title.”

At this point it is unconfirmed if there will be a feature to allow you to record your own diss track aimed at Scott Storch. However, after the back and forth Timbaland and Storch have been having (click here for more) you can imagine such an idea is certainly running through Timbaland’s busy brain.

Timbaland feat. The Hives "Throw It On Me”