Tim Heidecker Unveils 'Titanic and Other Songs' Vinyl Release

Tim Heidecker Unveils 'Titanic and Other Songs' Vinyl Release
Earlier this year, when Tim Heidecker discovered that Bob Dylan had written a 14-minute track about the Titanic, the inimitable comedian (of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) decided to record his own 15-minute song about the sunken ship. Now, that song will get a proper vinyl release.

The collection of tracks is called Titanic and Other Songs and, as you might expect, includes "Titanic" and, er, other songs.

Those other songs include lyrics about a failed sequel to the 2007 Tim Allen movie Wild Hogs, hanging out with his wife, fear of death and an assignment from a friend.

Orion Road will issue the album on September 10, one day before Bob Dylan's Tempest is released. Ya blew it, Bob Dylan!

Sadly, it will only be available on vinyl, and not as part of your Cinco MIDI Organizer.

Titanic and Other Songs:

1. Titanic
2. All The Tired Horses
3. Wild Hogs II
4. My Wife is Wearing A Mask
5. Cowboy Hat
6. Earthquake Blues