Tim Berne Paraphrase Please Advise

This Berne unit is a trio of flat-out imaginers, making play for the centre of the skull where incoming music (at the best of times) gets processed into thought, movement, exclamation and action. Saxophonist and leader Tim Berne cranks the intensity high (not like his Bloodcount high, but way high still) with rhythm kings Drew Gress on bass and Tom Rainey on drums. This is sax-trio supremacy recorded with an on-the-spot immediacy and authoritative axe-wielding. It only takes two tracks — almost 42 minutes of “Critical Mass” and 25 of “Good Evening” — to express the beauty and truth of their interplay. Know what? Get all the discs on Screwgun. This label has hunted down colossal talents at their shiniest moments for you. Paraphrase is just the one that comes most to mind just now. (Screwgun)